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Hey, everyone! Feel free to contect anyone on list, we will be more than happy to assist you in any which way!




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Welcome Everyone!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the group devoted to Pairings from everything you can possibly imagine! Here's how the group is set up for now, changes may occur as we get more members, but we'll be sure to keep everyone up to date :aww:

How to Join:
-At the top of the page is a handy little button that says "Join Our Group". Hit that, and you're in!

How to Submit to the Gallery:
-You must be a member to submit to the gallery.
-If you go to the gallery page, you'll see a number of folders. You can't submit to the Featured Group, but you can to any of the others. Please try and submit to the appropriate group, it'll make the lives of your admins that much easier :aww:
-Art must relate to Pairings is some way, don't submit anything that has nothing to do with our group, thanks!
-There is a limit of 10 pieces per day.
-Only submit art that you yourself drew. Do not try and steal anyone's artwork and submit it as your own, you will be kicked out without question.

The Gallery Folders:
Canon Pairings: These are fan pairings, couples that got together in their original story. Whether it be books or movies, these characters get together in the original. This would be Cinderella and Prince Charming.
Non-Canon Pairings: These are also fan pairings, but the characters never dated or anything in their original story. This would be Cinderella running off to date Jack Sparrow or something =P
OC Pairings: Here, one of the characters comes from a published story, and the other is an Original Character (OC) of your own creation. This would be Cinderella marrying her best friend from when she was a servant girl, and you made up the guy.
Original Pairings: Here, both characters are entirely original, not coming from any existing book, movie or anything. they don't even have to have names :)
Same Sex Pairings: Pretty self explanatory. This folder is for artwork about couples who are of the same gender.

How to Submit Favorites:
-Anyone can submit a favorite. If there's a piece you think should be appreciated by more people, then suggest it as a favorite :aww:
-You can suggest anyone's art for a favorite, it doesn't have to be your own.
-Once again, I have no limit set for the number of favorites you can submit. But please be nice, the admins do have lives outside of deviantArt and we have to cycle through them all. So try not to do too many at once, ok?

-For now, we're going to plan on keeping things rated PG-13 for this group. We're not a porn gallery, we'd like to keep things a bit more classy here. If your art does not meet the standards we believe would be appropriate, your art will be declined. My general rule is "pants on" but this may vary depending on how it's done...
-Please be kind to other members. It's guaranteed that not everyone is going to like the same fan pairings. People are not going to agree. But it doesn't mean people need to insult another person's likes and dislikes or to be rude about it. If you don't like a pairing, don't look at the artwork, simple as that.
-Courtesy is a wonderful thing. Just be nice! If you have some free time, go through and comment on people's work, favorite what you like. People that are helpful and kind may be rewarded for it!
-Your admins are human, and have lives outside of this group. Sometimes, we may be slow to respond or not have an exact answer. We'll do the best we can, but please don't expect us to be all-knowing =P
-There are very few pairings that we don't accept. Bestiality pairings and incest pairings are two of them. Also, no threesomes, as this is a group for couples.
-If I'm not sure about a pairing, I'll ask. please don't get upset with me for sticking to the rules or not knowing about your fandom! i'm good, but I'm not that good :P

Changes may occur with these rules, but like I said, you'll be kept up to date :aww:

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone enjoys being a part of this group!!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how much can your illustration say?
Admittedly, I haven't been a very good founder for the group since I got the position... the only excuse I can give is I had school and this year has been crucial since I'm going into my first year of university.

But a contest idea that I have is submitting an illustration of your OTP(can be fanart or original), that will have viewers spinning yarns and stories in their head at what could be happening in the picture! How much can your picture say without the helpful aid of words?

Sadly, this contest seems exclusive to the visual artists... unless someone has an idea what the literary artists can do!

I'd really like to have this contest and I'm definitely looking for people to enter or donate prizes or help judge entries.
Myself, I am willing to donate a 1-3 page comic(maximum of 5 panels on each page) in colour of the winner's pairing of choice. I will not draw genitals, unfortunately; but I am okay with smut.

So... any interest?
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JuPMod Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015
It is quite clear to me that even art I submitted one year ago is not being accepted into the gallery. It is clear this group is indeed dead. I'm leaving. I recommend to other members to do the same, given what good is staying in a group that does not update its gallery anymore. :(
JuPMod Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
Sounds like this group is dead. My submissions are not being accepted. :(
RedPassion Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, is this group dead, cause my subs gets expired over and over :(
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Is this group dead?
mikuhatsunelover Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Hello there, lovely affiliate! La la la la

Our group YatoxHiyoriFC is currently holding a contest! If you could advertise for us to get the word out then we would greatly appreciate it! :iconarigatouplz: 

Bullet; BlueTheme: Draw a YatoRi fanart using one of the 5 prompts we gave.
Bullet; PinkLittle note: They don't have to be all lovey-dovey, btw xD.
Bullet; PinkDeadline: 25th of October
Bullet; BlueMore

If ever you need help in advertising your events, please don't hesitate to ask us Meow :3.
Yettyen Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So sorry, I accidentally submitted a lineart >o<
mikuhatsunelover Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Hello! :iconwave-uplz:
Thank you very much for accepting our affiliation request!
(Sorry if this is late)

British-Prophetess Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Can we also submit literature as well as art?
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